TRANSKEY is a very user friendly, Flexible and powerful Windows/Lan/Desktop/Online/Remote ver. Transportation management software, which records and tracks link between all your transactions from Consignment Note, Lorry Hire challan advance & balance payment to final Bill & Money Receipt raising & delivery against Consignment notes with option of multi Branches, GST.

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Online Support & Offline Data TransferBranch Office in  Delhi , Mumbai ,  Singapore etc…Head ossice  in Kolkata. No problem , Seamless Control by central server.And offline data  transfer from anywhere to H.O. using our inbuilt tools.
Export data to Excel & PDFExport to Excel. Export to PDF. All reports and screen queries. Even filtered once. From Cockpit. From Masters. Entries too.
TRANSKEY is a very user friendly, Flexible and powerful Windows/Lan/Desktop/Online/Remote ver.  Transportation management software, which  records and  tracks link  between  all  your transactions  from Consignment Note, Lorry Hire challan advance & balance payment to final Bill & Money Receipt raising & delivery against Consignment notes with option of multi Branches, GST.

This solution is a comprehensive software with all possible modules clubbed, from booking of a consignment, planning delivery schedules, warehousing, customer transaction accounts & Administration, invoicing to MIS. Transkey is offered with customer required customization taking shape as per the work flow of the company.

  • Any number of branches can be maintained, Provision to have separate bill series and allotment of serial numbers for all transactions for branches.
  • Branch wise profitability based on from which branch the work is generated through the billing & final lorry challan payment is done from some other branch.
  • TDS tracking in case of payment received after deduction of GST and Claim. An auto journal is passed thereby the bills is fully adjusted and accounts updated.
  • Reports can be taken from one branch or consolidated for multiple branches.
  • Only once opening entry has to be done for Accounts, Outstanding C/N,L/C, Bill and delivery order and from the next year onwards nothing has to be except, opening of a financial year and you can work in both the financial year simultaneously.
  • It gives you a list of unbilled Consignment Notes.Topay outstanding and unpaid Lorry Challan.
  • You can make delivery as per godown for retail or rail Booking and direct delivery for Full Truck  load.
  • You can have the stock of C/N as per godown wise and branch wise h godown transfer.
  • Individual query for the status Consignment note,Lorry challan,bill etc.
  • Bill and Lorry challan adjustment partly or fully at the time of cash/bank and journal  entry.
  • Full accounting reports from cash/bank book, Journal, Ledger, Trial balance, Profit & Loss account, Balance sheet branch wise & consolidated.
  • Costing & margin as per C/N and as per Loading  Challan.
  • T.D.S.  Declaration report against Lorry hire as per Vehicle No./Broker/Fleet Owners/Pan wise
  • Complete GST And Education Cess Solution as per C/N/Bill with Realised & deposite details.
  • Interest Calculation Entry and report.
  • User parameter setup with certain restrictions for Company/Branch wise and as well as Entry,Edit & report level.
  • Various MIS reports for Management department of company to see the performance of Branch wise business.
  • Add-in Complete Fleet Management with trip  details and way expenses, tyre and  equipments with  documents  expiry information.
  • Facility to transfer data from other Software on extra cost.
  • Data export into Various Farmats like : EXCEL,WORD,PDF,HTML,XML ETC.
  • Fully mouse, keyboard and menu Driven functions  to make user friendly Package.
  • Complete  Tally Style Zooming from every Report and Entry level.
  • üWe can manage all Office at a one place (Central Office) without any extra work (On Line/Off-line Operation through Internet Broadband connection).
  • üAll Reports are available as Date wise ,Branch Wise and company wise.
  • 24×7 Support.
  • We can customise any reports including Invoice with with  logo as per customer needs.
  • we are upgrading our existing windows-based software into Web-based technology (DotNet platform)
  • We are committed to provide industry-leading transportation, logistics and supply-chain software solution.
  •  Our team consists of highly skilled . You can depend on us to provide superior software with a first-rate support and development team to back it up.
  • Unique solution for Container based Logistics
  • Rate Master including Basis with varios options like weight


C/N Related Information

  • Booking Register
  • Validation of GR numbers with pre-printed stationary stocks.
  • Consignee / Consignor pre – defined list of new options.
  • Multiple weight unit and rates, FOC and charged weights
  • Predefined freight rates picked from rate contract master.
  • Paid, To Pay, To Be Billed consignments and billing party.
  • User defined expenses detail like labour, loading, other charges etc.
  • Auto pickup Freight Pay At station.
  • Booking Analysis report.
  • C/n Wise Revenue/costing
  • Booking Station wise Booking & Delivery Report.
  • Billing/Topay Branch wise Booking & Delivery Reeport.
  • Business analysis Report.


  • Auto pickup C/N stock details as well as manual selection .
  • Partial dispatch details
  • Short / excess dispatch details.
  • Manifest analysis report.
  • Un-Dispatch consignment report


  • Unloading details at the arrival station.
  • Goods condition with Godown details where goods unloaded.
  • Unloading status report

Lorry Hire Challan 

  • Auto pickup manifest detail from manifest details.
  • Lorry details and freight payment rate and amount details and others charges details.
  • Auto Journal Voucher posting for freight payment accounts.
  • PAN No and Form 15-I details.
  • Broker details for commission and payments.
  • Consolidation report on manifest.
  • Excess payment check on freight payment
  • Broker wise & Vehicle No. wise Ledger report

Delivery/POD/Signed Challan

  • Pod for FTL with Delivery details and gate pass printing for retails topay/paid Booking.
  • Daily Cash collection report with delivery details.
  • Payment collection of To Pay payment mode consignment.
  • Damage Certificate


  • Complete billing for ‘To be billed’ consignments.
  • Freight/Supplimentry billing integrated with accounting.
  • Automatic posting options to booking branch and billing branch.
  • Consignor/consignee or third party billing.
  • Single consignment billing or multiple consignments with corresponding expenses billing.

Pre-Printed Documents

  • Issue document to stations and agents.
  • Cancelled or missing document analysis reports


  • Multiple inquiry options by C/N, Challan,Manifest,M/R,Cheque

and Consignee & Various Documents.

  • Advance inquires by bill no., party chq. No.
  • Complete up to date transit history and status of any GR on screen.
  • Tracking Updation with Date+Station wise with various filteration.


  • Cash/Bank, Journal Voucher, Contra.
  • Bank reconciliation Report
  • Ledger and Books Report.
  • Trial Balance, Balance sheet, P&L and schedules.
  • Analysis on expenditure, income.
  • Outstanding Analysis.
  • Aging analysis and payment reminders.
  • GST reports and returns


  • Lorry Challan Outstanding with on account payment details
  • Debtors/Creditors as on date status wise Outstanging
  • Topay Outstanging
  • Unbilled GR etc.


  • Un Billed C/N
  • Un Despatched C/N
  • C/n Yet to Arrive
  • Un-Delivered C/n
  • Un Crossed C/N
  • Missing Entries
  • Credit M/R
  • Delivery without bilty
  • Excess Paid Challan



  • Deduction report
  • DCS Summary
  • Business Analysis
  • Party Analysis Report
  • Branch Performance Report
  • Confirmation Report
  • Branch Reconciliation
  • Outstanding Reminder Letter

At  Accurate Infoway Solution  the client always comes first and we pride ourselves in having enviable patrons strength 150+. We believe in an extensive study of the client’s  requirements and building a close bond with our client is an important aspect of every project undertaken. On mapping out the client’s business needs with clarity, we innovate and improvise the methodologies to suit the client’s goals ensuring the client maximum functionality. We have a long-term association with all our clients and our existing clients refer most of the new clients, which is a standing testimonial of our quality.



Listed below are the minimum hardware requirements for TRANSKEY ERP. If you intend to use TRANSKEY ERP in standalone mode (one user only) you only need to follow the client communication and software requirements. If your needs exceed 20 users please contact technical support for further assistance.

Server Requirements (minimum):

  • Pentium 2.4Ghz (dependent upon server side processing load)
  • 2Gb RAM plus 8mb RAM per 1GB of disk space
  • 400Gb Hard disk (more if storing large amounts of video/pictures)
  • SQL Server / SQL Server Express (if not using Microsoft Access)
  • Backup facilities

* Please note: Additional RAM and processor power may be required if client machines take advantage of Terminal Service or Citrix connections.

Communication Requirements (minimum):

  • Broadband Internet access (including email for updates)
  • Remote access software: i.e. Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, Crossloop, Adobe

Network Requirements (minimum):

  • LAN: 100Mb/1Gb: NT/Novell/Microsoft Networking (for wireless networking please contact technical support for further information)
  • Branded network switches and LAN cards (100Mb/1Gb)
  • Drive ‘S’ (the ability to map a local network drive letter)

External Software Requirements (minimum):

  • Crystal Reports Version (latest version)
  • All view/print/export drivers are packaged with TRANSKEY; however one Crystal Reports license will be required for each machine creating or amending reports
  • HTML publication facilities (if website exports updates required)

Client Requirements (minimum):

  • Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT (Service Pack 6a or above)/ Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Pentium 2.4Ghz (3Ghz Preferred)
  • 1Gb RAM (2Gb for Microsoft Vista)
  • 200Mb local hard disk free
  • 17″ (1024×768) Monitors – 19″ (1280×1024) Preferred

Note: Please make sure graphics cards do not use any part of your systems RAM. Separate branded cards are recommended.


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